i-ingredients Ltd are proud to announce the representation of 5 highly respected suppliers for the UK & Irish markets, targeting the Food Supplement, Sports Nutrition, Healthfood, Animal Nutrition and Pharmaceutical industries. Below is a short but accurate description of all 5 suppliers and what they can offer to you. 


OmniActive Health Technologies offers a range of quality ingredients, which are innovative and scientifically validated for dietary supplementation, nutritional fortification,functional food/beverage, colouring, flavour enhancement and personal care applications. We address complex challenges for customers in the dietary supplement, food and beverage space using technology-driven, sustainable solution with application support within a global regulatory framework. Whether you’re looking for a new ingredient to add to a finished product, or technology to enhance an existing ingredient, you’ll find unmatched innovation at OmniActive.

The core products are carotenoids, spice, plant extracts and specialty functional ingredients. Products such as Lutemax (Lutein, Free and Ester), Capsimax (Red Hot Chilli Pepper extract), Lutemax 20:20 (Lutein + Zeaxanthin), Curcumax (Curcumin, 95%), CurcuWin (The most bioavailable Curcumin in the market) and all supported with patented technology of UltraSol and Beadlet Technology. Omniactive leverage our international R&D strengths to deploy an array of state of the art manufacturing technologies in extraction, purification, isolation and delivery of nutritional actives. Omniactive manufacturing operations are located at multiple sites in India and are are cGMP and HACCP compliant.


BioActor B.V are a young and innovative company based in the Netherlands developing high efficacy ingredients at their state of the art facility situated in the Maastricht University Medical Centre and the research school NUTRIM, the expert research group on nutrition and health in the Netherlands. This gives them unrivalled access to scientific expertise and clinical facilities.

BioActor’s product development strategy relies on four simple principles: health effects must be clinically proven, new ingredients must be based on a true scientific discovery, ingredients must be from a natural and renewable source, and all of our products are premium quality, produced in Europe.

Products include:

MICROBIOMEX® is an innovative, first-in-class flavobiotic designed to optimize digestive health and enhance immunity. This natural citrus fruit extract directly leverages the gut microbiome’s potential and strengthens the gut barrier. MICROBIOMEX® been clinically evaluated to promote gut and host health through its anti-inflammatory effects. MICROBIOMEX® improves gut barrier function and lowers intestinal inflammation by positively shifting the gut microbiome composition.

WATTS’UP® is an all-natural citrus sinensis extract designed for high-quality sports nutrition. Clinical studies showed WATTS’UP® improves power through a direct effect on mitochondria. WATTS’UP® enhances performance by giving short-term power and long-term energy.

CORDIART® is a unique citrus sinesis extract supporting cardiovascular health through a triple protection of arterial function. Clinical studies showed the beneficial effects of CORDIART® on arterial health by three-way action on the endothelium. CORDIART® has been shown to i) maintain arterial flexibility, ii) reduce plaque formation, and iii) lower arterial inflammation.

Others include Bonolive®,, Olecol®,, Actiful®, Naxus®,and Flavobiotics®


ROELMI HPC is an Italian company focused on the design, development and manufacturing of top- quality active ingredients for nutraceutical applications. By developing only low-impact philosophies, ROELMI HPC offers innovative technologies and customised solutions, aimed at reaching the highest level of quality, controlling the effective activity and respecting customers’ safety.

With precise knowledge based on a constellation of experts, ROELMI HPC method is the refresh approach for a global activity in the Health & Personal Care market.

All our product lines and technologies are following the program “NO IMPACT IN PROGRESS® (NIP)”based on Quality and Efficacy, focusing on both People safety and Environmental preservation.

- ExceptionHYAL®STAR, the 2.0 generation Hyaluronans, is made up of a complete spectrum of molecular weights selected according to a precise screening of biological activities. 

- A-LACYS RESET®, a special product that is clinically proven to increase energy yield, whilst controlling weight management in parallel.

- SELECTSIEVE®, designed by Nature itself, these actives have been isolated by 100% Mediterranean matrix through an eco-sustainable process based on soft conditions.

- BEAULIXIR®, a synergic system of specific active principles designed to support the healthy hair physiology.


 NuLiv Science USA started in 1997 as a personal favor for a TCM physician. The doctor needed a higher quality extract for his practice and the co-founders realized there was a unique business opportunity.

From a humble start, NuLiv Science has grown into a full range ingredient supplier, early-stage developer of nutraceuticals and turnkey service provider to the dietary supplement & cosmeceutical industry. NuLiv Science is a subsidiary of NuLiv Holding Inc., a multinational holding company with operations on three continents.

- Astragin®, is a patented, 100% natural compound that increases absorption of many vital nutrients promoting a healthy gut environment. supports increased absorption of a wide range of nutrients from amino acids, to omega-3s, to creatine, to even CBD. Novel Food approved. Promotes healthy gut lining and tight junction functioning, ultimately leading to associated effects like reduced inflammation in the intestinal lining.

- Innoslim®, is a stimulant-free, 100% plant-based ingredient to support healthy weight and glucose metabolism. InnoSlim® decreases glucose absorption in the intestine and it does that by reducing an important glucose transporter called SGLT1 and then increases glucose absorption in muscles and fat cells by increasing glucose transport protein GLUT4.

- Actigen®, 100% natural compound that increases exercise to exhaustion times, reduces inflammation buildup during exercise and replenishes aged muscle cells with new ones. ActiGin® increases the production of citrate synthase, an important enzyme that is responsible for producing more ATP (energy our body uses).


  Enovate Biolife was established in 1993 with the aim of developing and supplying innovative, clinically proven active ingredients for dietary supplement, functional food and medical food applications. This in turn had led them into producing award winning products such as EnXtra. 

- EnXtra®, Winner of BOTH 2019 NutraIngredients Europe and Asia “Ingredient of the Year: Sports Nutrition,” EnXtra® is the first and only natural caffeine-free, patent-pending botanical ingredient, clinically demonstrated to improve alertness and focus up to 5 hours with and without caffeine and impedes the caffeine crash when taken with caffeine. EnXtra® is suitable for RTDs, sports nutrition and workout formulas, energy bars, snacks, gummies, fruit juices, chewing gum and stick packs.

- Rednite®, is the 1st fresh beetroot concentrate powder to be standardized for 1.5%-2.75% natural nitrate. It is completely water soluble with lovely red colour and pleasant taste. It is also free from nitrites and synthetic nitrates. It has 25 X Times more Nitrates than standard beetroot alone

- Oxyjun®, is the only arjunolic acid-free and DNA-authenticated extract of Arjuna clinically proven to improve heart health and cardio endurance for active adults. Fatigue-fighting fuel to drive your workout.