Regulatory Support & Advice Consulting

Over the last few years, increasing levels of regulation have been applied to foods, including to food supplements, with the intention being to increase consumer protection and aid consumer to make informed choices through changes in labelling requirements - however this can be difficult to navigate and companies are struggling to understand EFSA and differentiate from competition whilst trying innovate with clarity or understand how to use the on-hold botanical claims.

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Amino Acids

i-ingredients Ltd suppliers are carefully selected and audited against UK quality standards and customer requirements prior to approval by i-ingredients Ltd

This certainly applies to the leading products on i-ingredients portfolio, namely Amino Acids. Amino Acids are the building blocks of life and this is heavily recognised and influenced into the Sport Nutrition Brands in the Global Market today. 

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What are nutraceuticals?

Answer: A nutraceutical is a food or food component/ingredient that claims to have health benefits, including treatment and prevention of disease. These can be sub-sectored into different categories. i-ingredients have specialised in the sector of Nutraceuticals and below are a list of products that have proven popular due to technical ability and product pedigree.

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i-ingredients Ltd are proud to announce the representation of 5 highly respected suppliers for the UK & Irish markets, targeting the Food Supplement, Sports Nutrition, Healthfood, Animal Nutrition and Pharmaceutical industries. Below is a short but accurate description of all 5 suppliers and what they can offer to you. 

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